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iPad OS 13 new features on iPad 2018

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The upcoming iPad OS, which is releasing this fall, is bringing some exciting features. Even for your iPad 2018.
So if you are a iPad 2018 owner instead of the powerful iPad pro, don't be upset. This OS update will add these above features to your iPad as well:
1. New widget for iPad home screen.
2. Dark mode, which is applicable for all the native apple apps and responsive wallpaper as well.
3. Multi tasking with multiple apps in your iPad home screen.
4. Using safari browser twice side by side.
5. New safari desktop class browsing experience with dedicated custom download option.
6. The new file manager with more viewing features.
7. New photo gallery with different mode, including live thumbnails. Also easy option for individual photo or image.
8. New keyboard with one hand mode by pinch zoom, including swiping type for the first time.
9. New volume up-down UI.

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