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IRONMAN® by Underwater Audio Delphin Waterproof Streaming Media Player

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Listen to your tunes while you swim! The IRONMAN® Delphin serves as the greatest workout companion of all time. Hear your lap times in real-time without looking at your watch, listen to Spotify with a tempo in the background, and review your past swims using the companion app on your smart phone. When running, the IRONMAN Delphin replaces a smart phone for everyone tired of carrying around a two pound device. When swimming, the IRONMAN Delphin gives music to every swimmer bored of the lap swimming grind. With the IRONMAN Delphin, you can finally listen to all your favorite music apps in the pool. The IRONMAN Delphin has a touch-screen with Wi-Fi and works with both Bluetooth and wired headphones. It features compatibility with most apps, external buttons for navigating playlists and volume, and a unique design tailored for maximum portability. This wearable makes your workout a joy.

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