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Tesla Model 3 Software Version 9.0

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This week, Tesla owners across North America are waking up to a car that is smarter, safer and more intuitive than ever before. Our most substantial update yet, Software Version 9.0, introduces a refined and simplified user interface, along with entirely new features for Model S, Model X, and Model 3, as well as on Tesla’s mobile app. Here are the highlights:

Tesla Mobile App Updates
• Using the Tesla app, initiate a vehicle software update remotely without having to be in your car.
• Use your phone to send a destination to your car’s navigation, by using the “Share” button in your favorite map app.
• Passengers can access Media controls from their mobile devices. Drivers can enable or disable this feature from their car’s center screen by going to Media Settings - Allow Mobile Control.

Dash Cam
• Vehicles built with Hardware 2.5 (introduced in August 2017) allow recording and storing video captured from the forward-facing camera when the car is in use. Configure file formatting and allow for a minimum of 1.8 GB of free space on a flash drive inserted into a front row USB port.

New Apps & App Launcher
• Brings all apps together in one place, including Calendar, Energy, Web Browser, Rear View Camera, Phone and Charging apps. Access last-used app by swiping upward on the app launcher, and dismiss the current app by swiping downward.
• Three new apps bring web-browsing capabilities, calendar integration with a mobile device, and the ability to monitor energy consumption in real-time or view the projected energy use.

Climate Controls
• Adjust the temperature with one touch by swiping across the temperature control setting to the left or right. A new 3D visualization of the dashboard shows exactly how air is flowing into the cabin, and allows to precisely direct the channels of air.

Navigate on Autopilot (coming soon)
• With Software Version 9.0, we’ll be expanding our existing suite of Autopilot features with future over-the-air updates and all-new functionality in the coming months.
• Navigate on Autopilot is an active guidance feature that, with driver supervision, guides a car from a highway’s on-ramp to off-ramp, including suggesting lane changes, navigating highway interchanges and taking exits. It’s designed to make finding and following the most efficient path to your destination even easier on the highway when Autopilot is in use.
• Once a destination is entered into the navigation, drivers can choose to enable “Navigate on Autopilot” for that trip, and the feature is then activated when Autosteer is engaged via the normal prompt on the gear selector stalk. When a lane change is suggested, drivers must confirm that they’re ready by tapping the turn signal or cruise control stalk. Drivers can continue to use Autosteer and other Enhanced Autopilot features without Navigate on Autopilot anytime they choose to.
• Navigate on Autopilot will initially be released in Shadow Mode – a dormant logging-only mode which lets us validate the performance of the feature in the background based on millions of miles of real-world driving. Once validation is complete, we will introduce Navigate on Autopilot as a beta feature to customers in the U.S., and in other markets in the future pending validation and regulatory approval.

Full 360° View
• Now, all eight external cameras from our Full Self-Driving hardware are active, enabling better situational awareness on the road with a 360-degree visualization of surrounding vehicles.
• Blind spot monitoring, which previously relied solely on the ultrasonic sensors, now uses the side and rear facing cameras to detect vehicles and displays them on-screen. When the turn signal is activated and a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, the lane line shown in the on-screen visualization turns red.
• New classes of vehicles are displayed, including bikes/motorcycles, light duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks, to provide drivers with a more complete understanding of their surroundings.
• The 360-degree visualization also shows vehicles in adjacent lanes, even when they’re behind or far ahead of your Tesla, and multiple lanes to each side of your car are now visible.

Enhanced Navigation Routing
• Turn-by-turn directions have been moved to the left side of the touchscreen and are simplified to display relevant upcoming information, including highway exits. Tap or pull down to see additional details in the full Trip Overview.
• You can now select whether or not your car is eligible for high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, allowing our navigation system to more efficiently route you.

Obstacle-Aware Acceleration
• If an obstacle is detected in the path of your vehicle while driving at low speeds (i.e. while parking), full acceleration is reduced in order to help prevent drivers from accidentally accelerating. This feature can be enabled or disabled in Controls - Autopilot.

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