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Unboxing the QNAP TBS-453DX 4-Bay SSD NAS featuring 10Gbe, HDMI 2.0a, Intel J4105 CPU

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We Unbox and Review the New QNAP TBS-453DX Micro NASBook - https://nascompares.com/qnap-tbs-453dx-nasbook-review/

For a long time on NASCompares, we have praised QNAP for being the true innovators of the network attached storage NAS industry. Everything from New CPUs and 10Gbe Innovation, to Thunderbolt 3 and combining Media types, you name it QNAP were almost certainly the first ones to do it. Today I want to talk about a brand new QNAP that has just been unveiled by the guys over in Taiwan, that continues to push their reputation for innovation. The brand new TBS-453DX NAS, the follow up to the TBS-453A designed for workgroups, collaboration and teamwork, is the latest 10Gbe enabled NAS that is being released in Q4/1. I know that sounds like I am reading straight from a press release, but this new variation of the Silent NAS and NASBook series is definitely a device for getting people working faster, safer and easier.

What is the TBS-453DX QNAP NASBook?
Building on the incredible reception of the HS-453DX silent NAS being released very soon, QNAhasverevisited the NASBook compact, portable and easy to deploy NAS device and merged the two into a new powerhouse of productivity. Unlike most NAS devices drives for desktop, the core concept of the QNAP TBS-453DX is portability and fast easy deployment. Most QNAP NAS devices in tower chassis form are made to be set up in a single location and largely ignored in a physical sense. Most NAS’ are designed to live in a single location and access is made via the network or the internet with the users being portable. The QNAP TBS-453DX NAS book flips things around a bit and although it can be used the same as any other NAS in a central non-moving location, the lightweight, portable chassis (under 1KG) and fast access and express speed SSD media inside, mean that this device can be carried around as easy as a laptop and deploy on a desk between users in minutes. With this, it provides access via 10Gbe and 1Gbe, as well as many USB ports and HDMI 2.0a for perfect 4K output.

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